All the benefits for a fraction of the cost!

Meeting the communication design needs of your business can be tricky, which is why our graphic design retainer packages give your business all the benefits of having an in-house graphic design department for a fraction of the cost.

We offer a variety of retainers that work with any budget and are designed to provide you with:

  • Stellar graphic designs.
  • Priority job attention, which means you move to the top.
  • Constant communication
  • A fixed monthly cost. You can even carry over some hours to the next month.
  • Savings!  And who doesn’t love savings?

At Secrest Design, we are proud to produce the best designs to our clients.  There is no detail too small that we will overlook.  Your design is not only an impression to your client but to an impression of us to you our client.

Why is our graphic design retainer program

the perfect solution for you?

  • You can plan your project deadlines with peace of mind – Guaranteed amount of prioritized work each month.
  • Your work is High Priority – Retainer clients are always given a higher priority when it comes to projects.
  • Your own Creative Department – You instantly have a virtual in-house Creative Department at your service whenever you are in need that every department in your organization can utilize.
  • Discounts– You get discounted rate compared to normal freelance fees, which start at $55 per hour. The more hours you commit, the lower the hourly rate.
  • Simplified Accounting– you pay a set amount each month for the duration of the retainer contract so you have peace of mind that you are within your design/advertising budget.
  • Less Paperwork–  eliminate contracts to sign and multiple invoices to track on a per project basis.
  • No Overhead– you get the access to a professional designer without the overhead associated of an employee.